Summer Gift Ideas for Kids – Summer 2021

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It’s finally here! The weather is out and it’s time to enjoy some sunshine. I have posted below 10 gift ideas for the summer for kids of all ages.

1. Water Blasters

Great for all the family to get involved. The great thing is they are very cost effective as you can get two for under £20 for hours of fun. Water is practically free. You can set up targets in the garden or have a shootout between you.


2. Paddling Pool

What could be better than bathing in a paddling pool in the sun! Great for ages of kids, although you should go for a more shallow pool for younger kids under 5. A fantastic way to chill out with all the family let the kids splash around to their heart’s content!

3. Slide

A family favourite of ours and great for kids of all ages to keep them entertained for hours. Very easy to set up and as they are blow up you can take them down when the summer is over. Most come with their own hand/foot pump.

4. Slip n’ Slide

Hours of entertainment for under £30! Only requires water and washing up liquid so is extremely cheap to get started. You can go as fast or as slow as you like. Some of the slip and slides also come with their own floats to slide on.

5. Water Balloons

Fun for all the family. Put the end on the tap and turn it on and watch them inflate in no time. Soon their will be lots of ammunition for an epic water fight! They come in different colours and you can play in different teams, playing 4 vs 4 or girls vs boys! Water balloons are also great for target practice.

6. Picnic set

Time for a time out from all the fun of using the products above? One of these picnic sets are very easy to put up and this kids have an umbrella to shade from the sun. Practical and inexpensive. They also fold down very well for storage away when not needed. This set can be used indoors and outdoors.

7. Sand Pit

A great additional to the garden encouraging motor skills and play for kids of all ages. Imaginations will run wild! Build sandcastles, forts or spell your name out in the sand. A perfect way to wind away the hours.

Do you have any tips or gift ideas? Please post in the comments below.

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